Questions to ask before applying for visa

There are a lot of questions arising in the minds of first time travellers to UAE and they need to get the answers of all those questions. You need to find out the valid answers otherwise you may lost your amount which you pay to any travel agent. If you need to know about these questions and there answers then you are at the right place because here you will get the required and valid information in easiest possible way. Just look at this below:

What is EVISA? It is the most common question especially from people who are not of tech person so they do not understand about the concept of EVISA. Just like the normal visa which is on paper, this is the visa which is in the form of a document and it will facilitate you to enter in to the boundaries of UAE without any restrictions.

What duration is facilitated in this? When you get an EVISA then you will get the permission of 30 days visit visa for UAE so you can go for a quick tour to enjoy or do some business but you cannot start a job there on tis visit visa. For this purpose you need to get a separate working visa and there are different requirements for that.

What is the processing time? There are different timings for the visa change UAE. You can get the standard processing time which is 7 days in the lowest amount of all which is 134$. If you are in a hurry and want to go there for an emergency meeting then you can go for the rush processing time which is 5 days and you will get your visa within these 5 days for the amount of 164$. If you need it urgently then you can also get your visa in 3 business days under the super rush processing time but for that you have to pay the highest amount of all which is 194$ so you have to take this decision carefully and only get that when you know it worth the price that you are paying. 

Time take to apply? You should also know that you need only few minutes to fill your application form and after submitting all the details along with the necessary documents, you are done with that application.