Different Types of Cigarettes

Different Types of Cigarettes

What you might not know is that most cigarettes sold on the market are actually of two different types. Many people think that all cigarettes are the same, but they’re not. There are two main types, the conventional “normal” cigarettes, and then there are “specialty” cigarettes. While most of the time they’re the same, there are certain aspects of each type that sets them apart. We’ll take a look at some of the different types of cigarettes and what those specific traits are.

-The first thing we’ll look at is the difference between the words “ordinary” and “specialty”. Most people would just use the term “common” when talking about any normal type of cigarette, which is just an overall description that doesn’t have much meaning. When you start getting into more specific tobacco types, you’ll use the term “bap” to describe what most people are referring to when they say “light tobacco”. Bap is short for “vaccine”, which is what they call the main ingredient in regular cigarettes. These are generally what most people think of as “traditional”, in terms of flavor, taste, and aroma. The term has come a long way since its beginning, though.

-A second difference is that some cigarette brands use what is called a “Filter Pad”. These filters are attached to the inside of the cigarette, trapping actual tobacco particulate matter that you’ll never see. You can buy cigarettes that have this pad included, but if you want to go out and buy your own, you can get the filters separately and go to your local cigarette store. Most places that sell cigarettes will have them in stock.

-One of the more recent products to enter the marketplace is the electronic cigarette. This is essentially a handheld device that looks like a cigarette, though it isn’t lit like a cigarette. It has a battery, and it just takes batteries. It doesn’t burn tobacco smoke, it doesn’t produce smoke at all, and it doesn’t do anything else. The manufacturers of these conduct several studies that show how successful they are at helping people stop smoking.

-In one study, the cigarette companies in Dubai tested hundreds of people who were already trying to quit. They took several different types of cigarettes and tracked the results statistically significant differences in their performance. They concluded that the majority of the participants who smoked less during the testing period saw a greater decrease in their levels of both the desire to smoke and the number of smoke particles that were inhaled.

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