The connection of industrial revolution with fabrication companies

Fabrication companies in Dubai should get their hands on Industry 4.0 in order to be of relevance and gain competitive advantage for times to come.

Current status of fabrication companies: Today’s modern world fabrication companies  specialize in the making of machines and robots which is done through a combination of labor and heavy machinery. Historically speaking metal fabrications began before the first industrial revolution(1.0). Over the passage of time as industrial revolutions started moving on from the first industrial revolution all the way to the third industrial revolution(3.0).

Game changer: Industry 3.0 changed the way fabrication companies work by speeding up the process of manufacturing which to date is still based on Frederick Taylor’s concept of “Scientific Management”. Scientific management encouraged diversification in the manufacturing process to save up time and deliver the products on time.

Lookout for future initiatives: Fabrication companies should do some thinking out of the box to survive in the market with industry 4.0 looming in the corner. A good fabrication company will always think of changing the way they manufacture products by focusing on speed, efficiency and simplification level performed to make the final product. A smart move on part of the fabrication industry would be to use the machines and labors present in industry 3.0 to transform into industry 4.0. To better explain it by using labor and capital from industry 3.0 to build artificial machines and robots that would be ready to perform the most complex of tasks in metal fabrication companies.  Robots do the hard yards by wielding, burning and cutting out of the so many process in the fabrication industry. In this way employees can be kept out of harm’s way and focus on other tasks at hand.

Creation of a new workforce: It would by no means imply that employees would be laid off and it would lead to many being unemployed rather introduction of the Fourth Industrial revolution would create newer and interesting tasks for existing employees by using software to keep tabs on the performance of machine and robots in the industry. Besides using the software employees can guide robots and ensure they are performing the tasks correctly in case of malfunctions. Also it creates opportunities for new tasks to be handed out to potential employees joining the fabrication industry.

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