How different types of diets work

Every year there is a new wave of different diets that people come up with and they prove to be good for most of the people while other r left juggling between which one should be their pick. Don’t worry as here we have got you different diets and the science behind how they actually work so that you can pick the right one for yourself.

  • Mono diet

As suggested by the name, mono diet refers to the intake of one type of food per day. If you are going to have potatoes on Monday then you have to stick to potatoes all day long and switch to fruits only the next day. This diet is not scientifically proven and thus it does not show any important signs but people do tend to lose weight in it because the body has only one ingredient to absorb energy from in the whole day.

  • Liquid diet

You must have heard about this diet from actresses and film stars who need to maintain their weight under any circumstance. In this diet you are supposed to survive on only liquids and no solid food. For example you can have different kinds of fruit and vegetable juices, soups and coffees with barista oat milk. You can go for different kind of milks such as best almond milk in Dubai and have the benefits of almond without eating one. This works in such a way that it becomes easier for the body to digest food quickly as it is already in liquid form.

  • Charcoal diet

If you are thinking of charcoal face mask right now, then know that it is the same ingredient which you put on your face and inside your body as well on a ‘charcoal detox’. This is not recommended by doctors and also not scientifically proven because charcoal is a toxic ingredient which is used to lessen the effects of poison or extra dose of medication in the health under the supervision of experts. People started this trend because charcoal could also minimize the effects of extra nutrients in body. Anyhow, it isn’t recommended in any form of tea or juice etc because it can seriously harm your body.

There are so many other diets out there but choose carefully with clear instructions from your nutritionist.