Top mistakes people make while painting their kitchens

Painting kitchen is easier than painting bedrooms but there are ground to make mistakes everywhere. The common mistakes people make while painting kitchen are numerous. You can read this article to know what they are so that you can avoid them. 

No cleaning: No doubt, women keep their kitchen clean all the time but dust always come and rest on their cabinets. That’s the reason why the paint is ruined when you brush the paint directly on the wall without cleaning them will cleaning agent and wet cloth. Painting on uncleaned wall would not let the paint to stick on the wall which result in ruined wall that break your heart and expectations. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the place so that it would be free of debris and grains of sand and then paint the wall or cabinet. 

Do not remove doors and hinges: To save their time and make the task faster, people paint doors and hinges together with the whole cabinet and do not remove them due to which the paint start to carck after some months and put all of your effort into waste. However, there is cure for it. A person has to sand everything to save from aggravation but isnt it better to remove the doors and hinges while painting, then paint them and fix them to save cabinets and your time as well? 

No sanding: Another mistake that people commit is they do not sand their cabinets and cupboards which they want to paint. Sanding cabinets and walls is important because they make them smooth which let the paint to stick on them perfectly to make the part look  different, simple and chic.

Imagination: The last and the most important mistake they make is they think that they can paint their kitchen in two days of the weekend in two to three hours but, in reality, it takes more than four to five days to paint the place. Besides, the people imagine that they can get the desired result and paint easily but it is not possible because what you desire is not realistic. We, people, imagined something super duper. However, reality is not so super and outstanding.

So, these are few mistakes which people commit when they decide to paint their kitchen. It is good to paint your kitchen by yourself but you should follow some steps and guidelines to get some decent and simple result. You can follow them when you are thinking about kitchen refurbishment. You can even visit websites of kitchen designs in Dubai to get more tips!